1. Who is SpecType?

SpecType is the largest private training and processing company for SGML SPECSINTACT in the United States. This year we are proud to announce our 28th year of providing professional training and processing for our clients. We have conducted training classes all over America and have had students from all 50 states and Countries from all over the world come to our offices. We feel we offer the best and most compresive training and processing due to the wide variety of Military and civilian personal we have trained and conducted business with.

2. What does SpecType do?

SpecType provides:

A service for processing SISGML NAVY/ARMY/NASA guides for Architectural and Engineering companies

SISGML training in the San Diego area

On-site and on-line training across the United States for SISGML processing

Conversion to and from MS Word and Adobe Arobat formats

Adobe Acrobat training in relationship to SISGML

Shortcuts, tips and speed editing


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(SpecType currently is used by over 150 A/E firms on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for references)


References available upon request.