SpecType is the premier SPECSINTACT processing company in America.

Our staff started with SPECSINTACT in 1990 and has worked extensively with the Air Force, Army, Navy, and NASA. Some offices are overwhelmed and they want a fast, reliable and economical way to get specifications published. We help professional Architectural and Engineering Firms do this.

SpecType specializes in getting a specification “Letter Perfect” for submission to the Military Agencies. We have extensive knowledge of how a job is to be put together with all the various graphics and other requirements that need to be included.

Some (but not all) of our services include:

UFGS, Navy, Air Force, NASA and Army Specification Processing

Setting up document processing jobs using various Masters Guides

Scanning of In-House guide specifications (Optical Character Recognition)

Setting up the completed job in Adobe Acrobat for submitting to the Military agencies.

Telephone support