SpecType has introduced three updated courses for the new Interface View Version in SPECSINTACT XML.

SPECSINTACT XML Starting with the Basics. This is a 2-day dedicated training for persons who would like to learn the entire XML process. It will cover XML basics from How to Set Up a Job through to Final Printing.

XML for Previous Users of SPECSINTACT. This will be a 1-day class which will introduce experienced SPECSINTACT users to the latest version of XML. This is also a review course for those that need to brush up on XML.

 A new Advanced Course covering conversion to MS Word, Adobe PDF files, conversion into different formats, and advanced editing.

All SPECSINTACT classes will cover the following:

Job Setup, Creating Masters, Adding and Deleting Sections, Editing Sections, and all aspects of Printing which includes a thorough understanding of the Reports and the Submittal Register

Working with Federal Masters and Setting up In-House Masters

Conversion from Various Word Processed Sections (i.e. MSWord) to XML

Entire XML Processing Process

Shortcuts and How to Avoid Pitfalls

Personalized Instruction (contact us for details)

Please Note: All classes are customized for the abilities of the students.

For Special Class Scheduling each month, reservations, or ON SITE training information, contact SpecType.