Our goal at SpecType is to assist all that need training and processing of SPECSINTACT XML Construction Specifications. Over the last thirty-three years we have instructed the US Army, Navy, NASA, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and over 300 Architectural/Engineering Firms throughout the world.

SpecType specializes in SPECSINTACT XML, a Department of Defense (DOD) computer construction program. Through the years SpecType has created a training program which makes XML understandable for all users. SpecType provides training that is tailored to the needs of the US Military, firms and individuals taking our course. We offer the most comprehensive and thorough training possible. This includes on-site and on-line training.

SpecType provides UFGS specification processing for Architectural/ Engineering firms. Since 1990 Spectype has delivered over 25,000 completed jobs to A/E firms worldwide.

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Thank you.